The Institute of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is one of the world´s leading research institutions in the field of psychology and psychiatry. As of 2016 the Institute consists of five chairs, namely and 11 topic-related work groups


Devoted to the training and education of clinical psychologists and psychotherapists it contributes to the Psychological Department´s curricula for Bachelor students in Psychology, organizes the Masters program for clinical psychology and psychotherapy as well as the 3- and 5 years post graduate programs for PhD students as well as "Psychological Psychotherapists" according to the German law.

In research, the Institute combines in a unique way the psychological sciences and neurosciences with epidemiological approaches as a "cornerstone methodology" in the field of disorders of the brain, with emphasis on the developmental pathways of anxiety, depressive substance use disorders as well as neurological and somatic disease.

Major contributions are: state of the art studies on the size, the burden and the cost of mental disorders, the development of "symptom progression and comorbidity models", the development of widely used novel diagnostic tools as well as novel behavioural treatment with emphasis on innovative cognitive-behavioral interventions and the neuro-psychological mechanisms of action.